Dance Floor

Viynl Snaplock Dance Floor

Call us to day to reserve your dance floor. Our 3x3 snaplock tiles fit together to make a wide variety of dance floor sizes. Our dance floor are great for every event. Great for weddings, back yard parties or corporate events. 

Viynle Snaplock Dance Floors

3x3 - single square 10.00  each 

9x9 - for approx 54 guest 90.00  

9x12 - for approx 72 guest 120.00  

9x15 - for approx 90 guest 150.00 

12x12 - for approx 96 guest 160.00  

12x15 - for approx 120 guest 200.00  

12x18 - for approx 144 guest 240.00 

15x15 - for approx 150 guest 250.00  

15x18 - for approx 186 guest 300.00  

15x21 - for approx 210 guest 350.00  

18x18 - for approx 216 guest 360.00 

(Sizes based on 1/3 of guest dancing)


Q.  How big should i get dance floor?

A. For most parties, about 1/3 of you guest will be dancing at one time. So, for an event with 150 guest, a 15x15 dance floor would be good. 

Q. Can i set up on grass?

A. We can set up on most surfaces, there is an addiional cost for subflooring if set up on grass, gravel, dirt. Please contact us for pricing on subflooring. 

Q. Douse the ground have to be level?

A. The floor has to be level for us to set up dance floor. We can not set up on any ground that is at an angle. 

Q. Will i have to turn off sprinklers?

A. Yes, sprinklers must be turned off durring rental period. We recomend that you turn off sprinklers 72 hours before your event to allow ground to dry out.