Waterslide Rentals

Dolphin Water Slide $190 Wet - $160 Dry

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Our 15ft dolphin waterslide is always a favorite. The kids love the palm trees and dolphin on slide. Dimensions (13'W,30'L,15'H)

Purple Crush Waterslide $190 Wet - $160 Dry

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Our 15ft purple crush waterslide is always a big hit at parties. This waterslide rental is 15ft hight and a great option for all ages. Dimensions  ​(15'W,25'L,15'H)

Volcano Waterslide $190 Wet - $160 Dry ​

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This volcano waterslide will put a flare to the theme of your party. (15'W,25'L,15'H)

Splash Waterslide $190 Wet - $160 Dry ​


Our splash waterslide is always a big hit in the summer. (15'W,25'L,15'H)

Waterslides 18-22ft

Big Kahuna Waterslide $​260 Wet - $200 Dry

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Our most popular unit, The Big Kahuna provides serious fun. The double dip on way down is tons of fun for the kids. Dimensions (13'W, 30'L,18'H)

Surf's Up Waterslide $​240 Wet - $190 Dry

Surfs up Waterslide, waterslide rental, water slide rentals, party rental

Our surfs up waterslide has a very unique design. Kids will love this 18ft waterslide. Dimensions (13'W, 30'L,18'H)

FireRoad Waterslide $260 Wet - $200 Dry

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Our fire road waterslide is definitely one of our more popular slides in the summer. Dimensions (13'W,35'L,18'H)

Purple Crush Monster Waterslide $380 Wet - $260 Dry

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Monster Purple Crush is our tallest waterslide. 22ft high, this slide is a big hit for any event. Dimensions (15'W,35'L,22'H)

Slip and Slides

Shark Slip and Slide $160.00 Wet (10'W,20'L)


Our shark slip and slide is fun for the whole party. Kids will run through the sharks mouth into a pool of water. Hours of fun for this slip and slide. 

Surfs Up Slide and Slide $160.00 Wet (10'W,20'L)


Our surfs up slip and slide is tons of fun. Kids run and slide down this double lane slip and slide into a pool of water. Always a big hit.